Katy is a professional with over 14 years of progressive Human Resources experience. Katy has supported multiple industries including Consumer Electronics, Government Contracting, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. Katy is experienced in and enjoys multiple focus areas of Human Resources, with her two favorites being leadership development and M&A activity. Katy completed some of her Human Resources studies at California State University, San Marcos. Katy and her family enjoy supporting our local sport teams and she is often found shooting hoops with her son in their free time. 

Khaled Haled El-Maleh,PHD


Khaled El-Maleh is a Senior Director of Technology in the IP Department of Qualcomm. He leads the Multimedia Technology team and related Multimedia and User Experience IP Strategy areas. Dr. ElMaleh’s areas of expertise and interests include: design, implementation and quality evaluation of mobile multimedia systems, data mining/ analytics, human-computer interfaces, computer vision applications, innovation and industry-university technology transfer. He is a technologist and strategist with focus on entrepreneurship & Innovation. He is an accomplished inventor with more than 200 US and international patents. He was awarded Qualcomm Career Thought 领导 Award in 2009, and the IP Department 2013 Distinguished Contributor Award.


药房经理,Kaiser Permanente

布雷特·加西亚是Kaiser Permanente的药店经理。他拥有超过二十年的医疗行业在会员服务,呼叫中心和精神病学系的各种角色服务的经验。布雷特赢得了他在医疗保健管理MBA在凤凰城大学。


Director of Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions, Microsoft

Randy Holloway is a business leader with experience in Enterprise Software and Cloud Computing with 15+ years of proven capability in driving revenue growth, competing to win in new businesses and market segments, building customer loyalty and developing leaders. He has extensive enterprise IT leadership experience as an executive manager driving business transformation in partnership with senior business leaders. Randy Holloway serves as Director, Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions at Microsoft and is responsible for sales, technical services and deployment of Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud technologies for the Western US and US Public Sector. Randy has worked at Microsoft for the past 9 years and during his tenure has led teams focused on datacenter solutions and technical strategy and worked with many of Microsoft’s largest enterprise customers. Prior to joining Microsoft, Randy was the Director of Enterprise Applications for HASCO 国际, a photography and marketing services company serving over 2M customers annually.

Nancy Mancilla,MPS,MA


Nancy Mancilla leads a business she co-founded in 2008 to train and guide corporate professionals in sustainability reporting. As CEO and Co-Founder of the ISOS Group, Nancy has lead several initiatives in the sustainability area. 关于 3,000 people have taken the training and in the process learned about stakeholder engagement; the materiality process; greenhouse-gas accounting and verification; the U.N.’s sustainable development goals; sustainable management systems; and the value of nonfinancial disclosure. ISOS Group helps businesses, governments and other organizations understand and communicate their impacts associated with climate change, human rights and corruption, for example. After completing her education, she went to Hamburg to work with a refugee resettlement agency and participate in a youth exchange sponsored by the Congress of the United States and Germany’s Bundestag. She is Chair for Ratings & Rankings Committee of the Corporate Responsibility Officer Association, and the Chair for the 校友 Board of the Cultural Vistas.



TED ST。马丁在生命科学行业拥有超过15年的领导力,并提供了许多具有各种活动的生物技术和生命科学组织,包括兼并和收购,首次公开募股和私募股权融资。 2007年9月至2010年10月,MR。圣。马丁担任现象公司的控制器,临床舞台生物制药公司。在现象,先生。圣。马丁负责管理整体会计职能,包括财务报告,内部控制和协作会计,并于2008年参加了本公司的首次公开发行文件。在他的任期之前,先生。圣。 Martin是一家分子诊断公司Geeohm Sciences的控制器,他参加了C系列风险融资,收购了Incentio Diagnostics,Inc。,随后于2006年由Becton Dickinson收购了2.55亿美元的Geneohm。他收到了B.S.在普雷丁大学的会计中,来自圣地亚哥州立大学的行政MBA和印第安纳大学凯利业务学院的生命科学业务的执行证书。他是加利福尼亚州的注册会计师,以及生物科学金融官员的成员。

Richard K.麦卡锡

navwar 2.0A,合同的副主任,圣地亚哥





richa NAND,JD

校长和创始人,Insight Patents

Ms. Richa Nand is an intellectual property attorney and business advisor. She is Principal and Founder of Insight Patents, a law practice advising technology companies on strategies for sustainable competitive advantage. Insight Patents offers subscription based intellectual property and general counsel services as part of an innovative team based model. Previously, she was Vice-President of Intellectual Property & Licensing at Cytori Therapeutics and Vice-President of Corporate Development and Legal at Bird Rock Bio, both in 圣地亚哥. She began her legal career at Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe in Silicon Valley and Lahive & Cockfield in Boston. Ms. Nand received a B.S. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from UCLA and a J.D. from Boston University School of 法.



danita内维尔是招聘和人才专业搜索温德姆目的地。她拥有超过二十年的酒店业经验,擅长运营管理和招聘。 danita热衷的工作文化,和职业发展。她毕业于内华达大学拉斯维加斯分校的酒店管理学学士学位。 



Tamer Salameh is a practitioner of Strategic Management, Organizational Development, and Strategic Information Systems. He continues to be a student and holds a BSc. in 商业管理, MSc. in Management and Organizational Development, MBA in Management, DBA in Strategic Management (First Class Honors) plus Post Doctorate in Strategic Information from Alliant 国际 University (formerly USIU). He has over 25 years of experience and expertise in Strategic Management and Strategic Information Systems theory and practice. From a Humanistic perspective, working at Strategic Management & Information Systems involves coaching, training, consulting, research, and development that lead to implementation plans



库存(SDI)。他是作者,共同作者或多个书籍和发展的编辑Tim Smudder是世界领先的关系意识理论和强度部署库存(SDI)的专家。他是作者,共同作者或多个书籍和发展计划的编辑,包括:与SDI合作,核心优势,具有良好的冲突,SDI协调人手册,并成为我们需要战略情报的领导者。自1995年以来,蒂姆专注于建立PSP,以帮助客户提高个人和专业发展计划。他为20多个国家的企业,政府,军事,教育和公共服务组织提供了主题演讲,发展研讨会和咨询服务。他是多个经验培训计划的作者或共同作者,包括:具有良好的冲突学习经验,并成为我们需要战略情报的领导者。

nimer saikaly,工商管理硕士


nimer saikaly是CEO和ciprus咨询公司的创始人。作为IT专业人员有超过十五年的经验进取,nimer是关于开发和管理成本效益的IT基础设施,使用系统,从而提高生产力组织提供切实的成果充满激情。 nimer帮助组织通过将他的技术,组织和领导能力,并利用尖端技术实现自己的目标。 nimer被命名为“圣地亚哥顶部2014技术主管”大型慈善机构,并且是圣迭戈杂志,COX业务,圣地亚哥商业杂志管理的评委小组的积极成员。